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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sony's "The Art of Photography" Contest --Win Cameras!

Outdoor Photographer is hosting Sony's the "Art of Photography" contest!
If the thought of winning a new Sony camera in a photo contest appeals to you (and how could it not?), then you'll be happy to know about Sony's the Art of Photography contest that is being hosted by Outdoor Photographer and Digital Photo magazines.

The contest has four themes: Conservation in Focus and Action Storytelling (hosted by OP) and Environmental Portraits and Light is the Subject (hosted by DP). You can enter up to 5 photos in each category. Prizes include Sony A550 DSLR and A850 DSLR cameras--with Carl Zeiss lenses. One interesting twist: there are some cool instructional videos on the OP and DP sites featuring how-to photo lessons from top pros, including David McClain, Christina Mittermeier, And Katz and my old friend Brian Smith.

Better hurry if you want to enter though--the deadline is September 21st and you know how time flies when you're daydreaming about winning a new camera!

Contest tip: Remember, when you are choosing a photo to enter in any contest, pretend you're the judge and you've never seen the photo before. Will this photo shock you? Surprise you? Make you gasp? Make you wonder? Make you laugh? Judges are human too and if you can elicit an emotional response from them, you'll rise to the top of the photo pile.

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