Winning Digital Photo Contests

Monday, August 2, 2010

Welcome to Winning Digital Photo Contests!

Hi, my name is Jeff Wignall and I'm a photographer and writer and the author of numerous bestselling photo books. This blog is based on my book Winning Digital Photo Contests.  I'm hoping this blog will become the info center for all things related to digital contests--including tips on how to take photos that will win contests, interviews with photographers that have won contests (some of them have won a lot of contests) and, of course, lists of the best photo contests with the best prizes!

My book is the most complete book on how to win photo contests that I've ever seen and it has one very interesting twist: it is illustrated almost entirely by photos that have won photo contests--and almost all of them were shot by amateur photographers. And wait until you see some of the photos! I'll be showing you some of the photos on this blog, of course, and when you see them you'll be blown away.

To get things rolling, here's an interview that I did with Digital Image Cafe about how the book was created. I think you'll find the background of the book interesting and you'll also hear how we found (and eventually chose) all of the photos for the book.

Please, if you have contest questions, news about a contest or if you've won a contest,  leave a comment or email me!

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